Stereo VU Meter kit 2 x 15 LEDs


This stereo VU Meter kit has a Scale from -23dB to +5dB


This unit allows you to instantly visualise signal levels from a whole range of different audio sources.

For use with mixing panels, amplifiers, CD players, radio’s,…

A special input is provided, which allows direct connection to a speaker output*.

You can select DOT or BAR mode, to suit your application.

The kit comes with an attractive display window, which can be used both horizontal and vertical.

If necessary, the unit can be calibrated by means of a trim potentiometer.

* Do not connect to the speaker output of high power car stereo systems !

Technical specifications

2 X 15 LED’s
Scale : -23dB to +5dB, 15 LED’s per channel.
dB-linear division from -4 to +5dB (1dB per LED).
Systematically growing steps below -4dB.
Accuracy : 0.5dB (1 KHz).
Frequency range : 20 Hz to 30 KHz (-3dB).
Three different LED colors : green, orange and red.
Adjustable sensitivity: 150mV to 5Vrms Low input, 1.5V to 50Vrms High Input
Input impedance : 47K Low input / 470K High input
POWER SUPPLY: 12 to 15VDC / 300mA max.
PCB DIMENSIONS: 150 x 57 mm