Serial LCD Control kit


This serial LCD Control kit provides easy operation of a standard character LCD display.


The simple command structure allows text and bar graphs to be displayed on the LCD. Provision is made for up to 8 user-defined characters. The module also includes four digital outputs.The LCD backlight and contrast may be adjusted under program control to compensate for differing lighting conditions and viewing angles.

The module supports 2 interfaces:
” Serial RS232 interface
” Serial TTL interface

The module has the following features:
” Communicates over serial interface with software controlled speed
” 32 Byte buffer for messages received via communication interface
” Up to 8 custom characters can be defined
” Built in commands for drawing bar graphs
” LCD Backlighting controlled via software, has 254 brightness levels
” LCD Contrast controlled via software, has 254 contrast levels
” 4 digital outputs
” Save the basic settings in module internal EEPROM

NOTE: The supplied LCD does not have backlighting. User must supply a backlit LCD if this feature is required.