RTK Express Plus Kit


The RTK Express Plus Kit has everything you need to get centimeter level global positioning measurements using GNSS RTK. We’ve created a handy carrying case to protect the most expensive bits, allowing you to quickly attach the L1/L2 antenna and RTK Express Plus housing to the pole or tripod of your choice. The kit includes all the antenna bits, cables and chargers you need to jump right into the field.

The RTK Express Plus is a Bluetooth® enabled multi-band GNSS receiver with built-in IMU based on the ESP32 from Espressif and the ZED-F9R from u-blox. Power it up and you’ll have 300mm approximate accuracy out of the box and 14mm accuracy with RTCM corrections. This kit provides the L1/L2 antenna, adapters, interface cables, and chargers needed for general GNSS use.

The RTK Express Plus adds an internal IMU (ZED-F9R) to combine real-time GNSS tracking with advanced sensor fusion. The result is accurate automotive positioning even when GNSS is lost in tunnels, parking garages, etc. The downside is the RTK Express Plus does not support a base station or generating RTCM corrections. If you are implementing your own RTK base station, consider using products based on the ZED-F9P (RTK Surveyor, RTK Express, or RTK Facet). The IMU algorithms only apply to automotive applications and will not increase or decrease regular ‘clear view of the sky’ positioning performance.

We generally recommend using your cellular phone as the radio backhaul for RTCM but you can also use your own, higher power radios as long as they support 57600bps. We also recommend logging all data to your phone over Bluetooth®. This is as simple as checking a box within SW Maps. But if you prefer to do long surveys, or need to deal with RAWX measurements where a phone will not be present, a microSD card should be purchased (any size up to 32GB). The RTK Express Plus Kit works with common GIS software including SW Maps, SurvPC, Field Genius, and any GIS software that supports NMEA over Bluetooth.

Please keep in mind that you will need to provide your own mono-pod or tripod as well as a cell-phone type holder for securing the RTK Express Plus to your mono-pod or tripod. We’ve found this style clamp and this style clamp work well. Your mileage may vary.

Note: The L1/L2 antenna has a 5/8″ thread which will fit most surveying platforms. The kit includes a 5/8″ to 1/4″ adapter as well which will fit most camera mono-pods and tripods. You may need additional adapters for your specific equipment.




  • SparkFun RTK Express Plus GNSS Receiver
  • RTK Kit Carrying Case
  • GNSS L1/L2 Multi-Band Antenna – TOP106
  • Antenna Interface Cable – SMA to TNC (300mm)
  • 1/4″ to 5/8″ Antenna Thread Adapter
  • USB Wall Charger – 5V, 2A
  • USB A to C Cable – 0.8m
  • Data Cable
  • Radio Cable
    Not Included/Optional:
  • Camera Mono-pole or Tri-pod
  • Phone/Enclosure Holder
  • Telemetry Radios – 500mW
  • microSD Card – 16GB