MicroBot Track Tank Controlled for Android



The Programmable MicroBot Track Tank with metal chassis is extra durable! Works over WiFi with your Android phone.



The Programmable Track Tank MicroBot Robot has a metal chassis for endurance. This makes it stable, strong and can be easily installed with additional equipment by drilling. The drive system uses a track crawler design, which makes maneuvering in difficult terrain. Users will learn about belt drives, which are different from wheel drives. For the control unit, the NodeMCU 1.0 board is used as the robot controller. Inside the board is a ESP8266 module, which has a 32-bit microcontroller IC, 4MB of flash memory and a WiFi module as well. Made it possible to send and receive data or command control of various devices such as the operation of robot control, switch on and off of tubes, and control watering of plants, etc. In addition, the NodeMCU 1.0 board also has a CP2102 IC for converting USB signals to UART, for use in connection with a computer for loading the driver we wrote. Users can write control programs through Arduino IDE or LUA programming with the aforementioned features. Therefore, it can be developed to order work through the Internet. Or as we can call it the Internet of Things (IoT). Besides that, users have learned how to write driver programs. Also learn about mechanics such as the operation of gear motors and power transmission belt, learn how to create applications to control robots, and learn the operation of electronic circuits. Technical data Power supply : 11.1-12.6VDC. (3 pieces of 18650 batteries). Electric current consumption : 700mA. Applications can be used on mobile phone to control robot via Wi-Fi. There are 3 LEDs for display. Applications made available on ANDROID mobile phones up to version 10. IC board dimension : 2.76 in x 3.23 in. Body dimension (WxLxH) : 178 x 190 x 95 mm. Weight (batteries not included) : 550g. Use a tank track drive system. The robot body is a metal body. Use all 2 motor gearboxs. Features of motor gearboxs used : 1.Voltage size: 6-12VDC, 100mA@6VDC (without load). 2.Maximum speed of motor gearbox (without load) : 170-350rpm/min.