Lynxmotion A-Pod Hexapod Robot Kit (No Electronics)


Product Highlights

  • Basic A-Pod hexapod robot kit with frame, hardware and servos
  • Angled legs for additional range of movement with 3 DOF (degree of freedom)
  • Made with PVC and high-quality aluminum servo erector set brackets
  • Includes durable aluminum and plastic parts
  • Advanced development kit



  • Servo motion control: Local closed loop
  • Steering: Differential
  • Number of legs: 6
  • Degrees of freedom per leg: 3
  • Motion speed: 10”/S
  • Ground clearance: Up to 7.50”

Powering options compatibility

  • Chargers: NiCad & Ni-MH Universal Smart Charger
  • Batteries: 6.0 Volt Ni-MH 1600mAh/2800mAh Battery Pack

What’s Included

Requires (sold separately)

  • BotBoarduino or other microcontroller
  • SSC-32 Servo Controller
  • USB data transfer cable