Guitar Pre-Amplifier kit


This guitar pre-amplifier kit comes with metal casing


An electric guitar cannot be connected to just any amplifier or audio installation.ᅠ

This pre-amplifier has been designed to solve this problem and provides you at the same time with a headphones output, allowing you to practice without making a sound.ᅠ

Moreover, it is fitted with a special device for tone adjustment, allowing anyone to create their personal sound.



Tone adjustment.ᅠ
Adjustable input sensitivity.ᅠ
Low noise.ᅠ
Headphones output: max. 2 x 50 mW / 32 (Housing included in package).ᅠ
Power supply: 9V battery.ᅠ

Dimensions:ᅠ 70 x 30 x 105mm (w x h x d)