Geiger-Muller Counter Kit


This Geiger Counter kit provides acoustic measurement of radiation levels. 9V battery operation


This kit provides an acoustic measurementᅠ of radiation levels.ᅠ

The sensitivity is at its highest for gamma rays and high energy beta rays.ᅠ

The assembly is compact and may be mounted into a small box, together with the battery.ᅠ

A 9V battery usually lasts two months of continuous use at normal radiation levels.

The beeping speed of the buzzer increases when more radiations are captured.

The kit is conceived for sensoring the intensity of unnatural radiations.


Technical specifications

    • Supply : 9 V battery
    • Extremely low current : maximum 200 microAmp at natural radiation conditions.
    • Sensitive to gamma-rays and high-energy beta-rays.
    • PCB dimensions : 54 x 99 x 25 mm
    • Weight : 55 gr. exclusive box and battery