Arduino OPLÀ IoT Starter Kit


Arduino OPLÀ IoT Starter Kit is the first open programmable IoT platform that allows building custom IoT devices with full control over algorithms and data. This IoT kit offers 8 versatile projects and is a physical interface to the IoT cloud. The OPLÀ kit features a crypto chip for secure data transfer and includes MKR Wi-Fi® 1010 board. This IoT starter kit is used in applications such as a smart thermostat, motion sensor, smart gardening, and remote control for lights and other home appliances.



  • OPLÀ unit:
    • OLED color display
    • OPLÀ board
    • MKR Wi-Fi® 1010 board
    • Circular plastic enclosure
  • 12 months subscription to Create Maker plan
  • Accessories:
    • 2x cables
    • Motion sensor
    • Moisture sensor
    • USB cable