A4WD3 Rugged Tracked Rover RC Kit



  • Lynxmotion – A4WD3 Rugged Tracked Rover RC Kit
  • Tracked Remote Controlled (RC) mobile rover
  • Rugged frame incorporates seals for water & dust resistance
  • Propulsion uses four planetary gear motors, sprockets and tracks
  • Motor controller, battery pack, charger and remote control
  • Assembly required

The Lynxmotion A4WD3 Rugged Tracked Rover RC Kit is a general purpose mobile robotic platform. The frame is used in three configurations: 4WD; Mecanum & Tracked, and variations of each platform include without electronics (so developers can integrate their own parts); an RC version and microcontroller-based for autonomous or semi-autonomous use.

This variation includes four sets of sprockets and a pair of reinforced continuous rubber tracks as well as all the electronics needed for controlling the robot using an included handheld wireless RC controller. Tracks offer incredible traction and weight distribution on a variety of surfaces and give the rover 63 mm (~2.48i inch) of ground clearance which allows it to be used effectively over brush, forest floor, paved and unpaved roads, on sand, over snow and mud, in urban environments and more.




A4WD3 Wheeled

  • Max speed: ~1.8 m/s (71 in/s)
  • Weight: 6.8 kg (15 lbs)
  • Rating: Water and dust resistant
  • Chassis: Aluminum frame & G10 (fiberglass) Pannels
  • Tracks: Two-part injection molded sprocket with G10 center and aluminum hubs with Tracks


  • Output Shaft: D-Shape 8mm
  • Operating Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Gears: Metal planetary gear
  • Unload Speed: 170 RPM (±10%)
  • Loaded Speed: 145 RPM (±10%)
  • Torque: 11.5 kg.cm (9.98 lb.in)
  • Gear Ratio: 51:1
  • Current: ≤ 3 A


  • Operating Voltage: 5 V
  • Signal: Square wave AB 90 deg,
  • Pulse: 12 PPR
  • Frequency: 800kHz

What’s Included

  • 1x Lynxmotion – A4WD3 Rugged Tracked Rover Kit
  • 1x 8ch handheld remote control (built-in rechargeable battery) + receiver
  • 1x 3S, 4000mAh LiPo battery
  • 1x LiPo battery charger
  • 1x Sabertooth Dual 12A DC Motor Controller
  • 1x Power harness