4 Channel Multifunction Running Light Kit


4 Triac outputs: max 2A each . 200W at 110V


This circuit does more than an ordinary running light : it not only runs in both directions, but it also flashes with two groups of lamps (flip-flop) and with all the lamps at the same time. The four light effects follow each other automatically.
Besides the normal way of working, with adjustable speed, it can also be synchronized by mains, with as an advantage that the triacs switch at the zero passage so that no radio noise can be generated.

Technical specifications:

– Multi-function : running to the right, running to the left, flip-flop, and all lamps flashing at the same time.
– Four triac outputs : max. 2A each (400W at 220V or 200W at 110V).
– Can be synchronized by mains or can work asynchronous.
– Running speed : adjustable in asynchronous mode, constant speed in synchronous mode.
– Suppression of radio noise in synchronous mode.
– Power supply and transformer supplied with the kit.