3 1/2 digit, digital panel meter


Digital panel requires 9Vdc 13mm LCD height with 200mv full scale input sensitivity, automatic polarity indication and high input impedance.


200mV full scale input sensitivity
Single 9V DC (1mA) operation
Decimal Point Selectable
13mm LCD figure height
Automatic Polarity Indication
Guaranteed zero reading for 0 volts input
High input impedence (>100 Mohm)
Cannot share a common ground with power supply voltage.
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Voltmeter Current Meter
Watt Meter Thermometer
Capacitance Meter PH Meter
Lux Meter dB Meter
LCR Meter Other Industrial & Domestic Uses


Maximum Input 199.9mV DC
Maximum Display 1999 counts (31/2 Digit with automatic polarity indication)
Indication Method LCD Display
Measuring Method Dual-Slope Integration A/D converter system
Overrange Indication “1” shown in the display
Reading rate time 2 – 3 readings per second
Input Impedence >100Mohms
Accuracy +/-0.5% (23 +/-5 C, <80% RH)
Power Dissipation 1 mA DC
Decimal Point Selectable with wire jumper
Supply Voltage 8 – 12V DC
Dimensions 68mm x 44mm