2 Digit LED Display Kit with Serial Interface


This kit comes with 2 bright 7 segment LED displays.
PC Connection using a 3-wire RS232 (serial) connection.
We have tested with a cable length of 50 meters.



  • Two 57 mm bright red 7-segment displays.
  • includes a black snap-in enclosure
  • multiple units can be linked in an easy way to create larger readouts for e.g. score-keeping, timing, counting, …
  • easy platform-independent control via RS232 three-wire interface
  • up to 255 units can be separately addressed
  • tested with distances of up to 50 meters between PC and displays
  • If you require a USB connection use our optional USBCBL2


  • power requirement: 9 to 12Vdc / 120mA per display: PS905
  • RS232 interface: 2400baud / 8 data bits / no parity / 1 stop bit
  • dimensions: 74 x 58.5 x 32mm (2.9″ x 2.3″ x 1.3″)