12VDC Xenon Flasher Kit


Trigger a high voltage xenon flasher tube using 6 – 18V DC power supply.


This Kit builds the circuit to trigger a high voltage xenon flash tube using a 6 volt DC input from a power supply. The flash rate is fixed but we explain how you can vary it by changing resistor &/or capacitor values. (Actually the Kit contains two types of flash tubes. The xenon filled tube is the one which makes all the light. However, there is another flash tube which contains neon gas. This flashes as well but provides a different function as will be explained below.)


First check the components supplied against the Component Listing. Follow the overlay on top of the PCB. Note the orientation of the Xenon tube (red dot), the trigger coil, the electrolytic capacitor C1 and the diodes.


There are three parts to the circuit:

– an oscillator centered around T1 transformer

– an RC network C3, R3 and R4 which controls the flash rate

– the flash circuit itself