Corporate Social Responsibility

Engineering a better world for all is one of our responsibilities

Circuits ‘n Things was built on a passion for technology and innovation and the desire to connect the two to make our world a better place. Our mission and vision, operations and processes, employees, communities and environmental impact all support the underlying principles of social responsibility. Over the last year, this passion has served to challenge us, help us embrace change and see the world from new perspectives — and it will continue to do so in the future.

Conflict Minerals and Human Anti-Trafficking

We’re committed to the responsible sourcing of minerals and preserving rare earth materials through our global supply chain. We also stand vigilant in the prevention of human rights violations, eradicating slavery and human trafficking.

Community Outreach & Education

Our mission is to help provide the resources that empower and build our communities. We aim to increase the proficiency of all students by endearing higher education and providing them with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills.

Empowering Employees & Workforce Diversity

Humanity includes all types. It’s a collective of different people with diverse beliefs and experiences. Circuits ‘n Things thinks the world works best when we’re all in. It’s why our team is composed of the most talented people from around the world.

Ethics & Code of Conduct

Circuits ‘n Things places great pride on the values with which it conducts business. All our companies are upheld to the highest levels of business ethics and personal integrity in all types of transactions and interactions.

Environmental Responsibility

Circuits ‘n Things’ respect for the environment is a natural outgrowth of our legacy of responsible innovation and for designing new products that improve the quality of life, including products that solve difficult environmental challenges with the least impact.

Safety & Preparedness

Circuits ‘n Things adheres to the highest standards for the safe operation of facilities and the protection of our employees — striving for zero injuries, occupational illnesses and incidents. We also work 24/7/365 to maintain the utmost emergency preparedness that safeguards all our business operations.